The Apartment

4 10 2011

Great news! We FINALLY cleaned our apartment!! When we got here it was already pretty dirty… we have no idea how long it had been since anyone lived here. With the busy-ness of the first weekend, we never got to deep-cleaning our apartment, so for the past month we’ve just been adding to the mess and it had gotten unbearable. I don’t think any of us are the kind of people who would tolerate the kind of mess we were living in… it was just a huge job and we’ve always had other things going on. Anyway at last we couldn’t stand it anymore and decided on Friday after church to clean it once and for all. We spent a good couple hours scrubbing and mopping and trying not to gag… but the result is good enough to blog about! So at long last let me introduce you to our apartment in Daheit Al-Rasheed.


Here’s a picture of us outside our apartment building about to go to church. My roommates from left to right are Jadyn, Jordan, Jenni, and Sarah Kate. We like to say that we got the best apartment people-wise, but the worst in every other way. Our friend downstairs (in an apartment just like ours) pointed out that our apartments are like the model home in Arrested Development… everything looks pretty nice on the surface, but it’s all really falling apart. The same friend, who took this picture, had no problem pointing out that we look like sister wives. Unfortunately, because of our strict study abroad dress code, I think he’s right.


Here’s a lizard I saw right outside the door to our apartment. Kinda random, but there it is. Hopefully I never see that in my room.


Second time I’ve lived in an apartment #13! I was excited about that.


This is our dining room! We don’t really use it for eating so we set up our clothes-hanger here. You can probably tell that Jordanians don’t use dryers.


Here’s our living room. We do homework here every night so this is about as clean as it gets… usually there are newspapers spread all over the floors.


The kitchen. I love our window view! You can kind of see the top of another roof right out the window. The view is nice until people come up onto that roof and then it’s a bit awkward for them to be able to see us in our apartment. The ovens here run on gas that is refilled every few months. The gas tank is in one of the cupboards next to the oven. They’re called Buda gas tanks, and the trucks that carry them around and distribute them sound like ice-cream trucks! No joke… they all play the same song as they drive around and when I first heard them I thought they were ice cream trucks playing a creepy song. I’ll definitely be recording it to haunt my Arabic friends after study abroad.


My favorite place! It’s sort of messy but that’s normal for me, for those of you who don’t know :-] It’s been warm enough since we got here that I haven’t needed more than my little BYU blanket, but the weather is changing and I was so cold last night and this morning that I’ll probably go buy a new bigger one. There was a comforter that came with the bed but the one night I slept between it and the mattress I got bed-bug bites… So I washed the sheet and put the sheet over the comforter for extra padding. You can kind of tell in this picture. I’m too scared to sleep under it again :/

The rest here are pictures from our balcony and a play-by-play of the sunset… My favorite thing about this apartment is this view.









One response

6 10 2011

Yikes about he bedbugs! But other than that the apartment looks awesome and the views amazing and beautiful! I’m so excited for you! When I first heard about your trip to Jordan I assumed it would be a small month exchange, not a whole year! Going to another country really make you realize all the things we take for granted. I’d love to see pictures of the campus and people you’ve befriended there and canot wait for more posts. Izzy Lee

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